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Troubleshooting / F.A.Q.

This section of the page shall help you resolve difficulties with the inclusion of the MyBB Integrator.

General Information

In order to get the Integrator to work for 100%, make sure that the Integration class is in the same folder as your script.
Here is an example for a working folder structure:

The next thing you have to make sure is to have correct cookie settings. The cookies must be accessable by both: your forum AND the script.

Integration into Frameworks and other systems

This fix is untested - taken from comment #53 - thanks JLkiller

Dear David,

For some reason PHP likes to deny access to MyBB's vars. When you put
global $mybb, $lang, $query, $db, $cache, $plugins, $displaygroupfields;
Before the include line for the global.php-file, it works well. This is because you otherwise don't have access to the vars... Now you have. It's a little classes-issue in OOP-programming interface i guess. I don't get it for myself either, but with that line it's working.
The fix is not only for JOOMLA, but for all OOP-apps, I guess!
Kind Regards en keep up the good work,